DCIM solutions

Shark Ltd is DCIM & EMS solution in Bangladesh. We offer IT services and solution in Bangladesh. Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

DCIM Solutions

Align your networking solutions to your business goals and objectives

The amount of physical equipment installed in data centers around the world is increasing every year. Users are becoming more and more demanding in terms of service quality and want to be able to perform many operations on their own.

The process of managing a modern data center is a set of routine tasks, the number of which is constantly growing and requires significant investments from business. Accordingly, there is a need for a comprehensive solution that will grow together
with the business without loss of productivity.

Effective networking drastically brings down the costs in operations and infrastructure leveraging your business

Our products for Networking Solutions

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring system (EMS)

Electrical Solutions

Our Intelligent processing solutions

Reliable Quality

Reduce the risk of water leakage and guarantee the safe operation of IT equipment

Stable Function.

Guarantee 24h uninterrupted work of the system

Precise Control

Guarantee IT equipment operation in a precise constant temperature and humidity environment

Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction.

Low resistance and high efficiency valve design to reduce operating energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

Online Maintenance

Timely response to maintenance to guarantee the normal operation of the data center.

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