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Power solutions

Our Intelligent processing solutions

In recent years, with the acceleration of the construction of domestic information systems, the number of data center buildings has shown an upward trend. Due to intensive layout and long-tern operation requirements of equipment in data center, various systems in the buildings need to be stable and reliable, which specificaly inclube the following points:

  • Operation of water system requires absolute reliability and sealing
  • IT equipment require long-term continuous operation, and air conditioning systems require strong stability
  • The temperature and humidity of the IT equipment environment should be constant and precisely controlled
  • Operation and maintenance requirements continue to increase, and air conditioning equipment require online maintenance support.
  • The data center consumes much power, requiring the air conditioning system to save energy, reduce consumption, and reduce the PUE value.

Our Intelligent processing solutions

Reliable Quality

Reduce the risk of water leakage and guarantee the safe operation of IT equipment

Stable Function.

Guarantee 24h uninterrupted work of the system

Precise Control

Guarantee IT equipment operation in a precise constant temperature and humidity environment

Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction.

Low resistance and high efficiency valve design to reduce operating energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

Online Maintenance

Timely response to maintenance to guarantee the normal operation of the data center.

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