Telecom MSC, BSC & BTS Solutions

Shark Ltd. is the best MSC, BSC & BTS solution in Bangladesh, TELECOM solution in Bangladesh. We offers data center & IT related services & solution with various products different brand originated from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, Taiwan, Korea, and USA. If you are looking for the best IT company for MSC, BSC & BTS solution, We are the best in this area.

Telecom MSC, BSC & BTS Solutions

Align your MSC, BSC & BTS solutions to your business goals and objectives

Shark Ltd works to fulfill our mission of creating satisfied customers by emphasizing pre-design & planning services to provide the optimal solution to meet our client needs and resulting in an early & accurate alignment between scope, schedule and budget.


Effective networking drastically brings down the costs in operations and infrastructure leveraging your business

Our products for Telecom MSC, BSC & BTS Solutions

Precision Air Conditioner

BSC Solution in Bangladesh

Flexible / Track Busway

Our Intelligent processing solutions

Reliable Quality

Reduce the risk of water leakage and guarantee the safe operation of IT equipment

Stable Function.

Guarantee 24h uninterrupted work of the system

Precise Control

Guarantee IT equipment operation in a precise constant temperature and humidity environment

Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction.

Low resistance and high efficiency valve design to reduce operating energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

Online Maintenance

Timely response to maintenance to guarantee the normal operation of the data center.

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